A Tribute to My Lady (Part II)

by Makalani

So is there hope in a love tested so often,
A love in which a physical distance resides?
Or is it wrong to place your trust in a union,
That the world can so easily deride?
I've found strength in our weaknesses,
I've found hope in our strengths;
I've found peace amid our struggles,
Knowing our love shall go the length-
Unsurpassed by those before who claim they know
Their love can never fail;
By those who claim love is their anchor,
While lust remains their sail.
I dare not doubt for one moment the cord
By which our hearts are tied;
Nor dare I question the surging emotion
That beats upon my soul as the swelling tide.
Unfortunately it has not always been this way-
I had not grown to such a resolve-
For my battered, war-torn veteraned heart,
Was afraid from this sacred love it would fall.
Afraid of being broken,
As dried twigs in fall underfoot;
Afraid of being darkened after you left-
As the northern fireplace caked by soot.
Afraid of you turning your back to me,
As those who had passed before-
Afraid you would find a better man to love,
And leave my heart longing for more.
But I thank the Creator for time
A concealer and repairer of all internal scars,
For now I'm ready to trust and love,
And fight any emotional wars-
With each passing hour in the day,
I find I have more reason to live,
Though my mind attempts to kill my soul,
I see I have so much to you to give.
Death dare not call my name,
Nor dare Eternity ring my bell,
For my life to be usurped now with immortality,
Would be to confine me to an endless Hell.
To transcend into the great abyss
In which souls and kindred spirits reside,
Now, without ever showing you my love,
Would be torture- peace would never abide.
My love for you is endless,
As infinite as the sky,
As deep as the ocean,
As heart wrenching as the deepest lie.
My love for you is intoxicating,
As enthralling as a glass of wine,
As unceasing as the circle,
As distinct as the line.
My love for you is divine,
As light as the dew upon the grass,
As moving as the tempest's winds,
As eternal as the concept of mass.
My love for you is mystical,
As ideal as the sweetest dream,
As unmeasurable as pi itself,
As intricate as the woven seam.
Though I know we often say
We'll love each other always,
I want you to know that I truly will,
Despite the upcoming days.
Neither you nor I know
What our future together may hold-
But as long as we retain our love,
It will be more priceless than gold.
You may not be mine or I yours,
In years and years to come-
But the fact still remains I love you,
Until my life is done.
I've given you my love
A gift I cannot take back-
You've proven to be deserving of my all,
And that is an unwavering fact.
Take my heart but leave my soul
If you ever decide to go-
I cannot envision being without
The one I love and adore so.
I know you don't think the scales are balanced
When it comes to the things we do-
But do not fall prey to this view from Hell,
For he's trying to separate this love so true.
You are who I want and need,
I hope that is what you see-
But even more I hope you understand my love
For you and my gratitude for your love for me.

A Tribute to My Lady (Part II) by Makalani

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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