Tomorrow's Funeral

by Makalani

Tomorrow died yesterday
His funeral I did attend
Thousands of people lined the church
To partake of Tomorrow's end.
Mothers weeped while fathers sighed
At such an event unforeseen
How could the promising future of Tomorrow
Be slaughtered by the hands of fiends?

Prejudice and Tradition
Carried his body down the aisle-
Although their heads were lowered,
Their faces bore a smile.
For the death of Tomorrow
Was all that was needed
To keep America divided
And the crops of change unweeded.

Dr. Segregation
And his wife, Mrs. Hate
Also were in attendance,
For this was a funeral they had to make.
How could they have missed
The funeral of their enemy?
By Tomorrow being dead,
America would never see unity.

Rev. Dr. Ignorance
Preached a wonderful message.
He, in cahoots with Prejudice,
Also saw Tomorrow's death as bles-sed.
The choir made of the disciples
Of this masterful saint
Sung his praises and his teachings
And this world with his ways, they did taint.

Drug lords and gang leaders
Were blamed of this hideous crime;
Yet because of their money
They never pulled any time.
Here the future was dead
But no one really seemed sad-
Everyone saw Tomorrow' murder
As a reason to be glad.

People did not realize
This death is not an aid;
For with the dreams of our children stifled
Through America, crime and violence shall raid.
With tomorrow being dead
In what direction will our country go?
How will our children blossom
When greatness they never know?

I, for one, was sad
To see our future lowered in the ground
For I foresee America
Silently dwindling down.
Hope is losing its vision-
Tenacity has lost its steam-
Without any essence of Tomorrow,
Racial equality for America is only a dream

Tomorrow's Funeral by Makalani

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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