Untitled (No. 1)

by Makalani

The man who treats his lady with her due respect
The man who shows his love and those memories he never forgets
This is the man who is dreary-
More sad and lonely than not-
This man- a true gentleman,
Has a woman not.

The man who doesn't need his woman to ask him how he feels,
The man who regardless of the "in" opinion, with his woman he stays real.
This is the man who is open
For pain on every side,
This man- a sensitive man
Has a heart that's broken inside.

The man who does not call his woman a dog and "farming tools"
The man who cares more for true love than lusting like little fools
This is the man who is moping
With his head hung down.
This man- a thoughtful man
Has no hope for a true love around.

The man who has enough class to wear his pants at his waist
The man who appreciates equally a lady's brains and grace
This is the man who is overlooked
He is invisible
This man- a compassionate man
Has no visible and lives in the miserable.

The man who gives his lady all that he has within
The man who is always careful, for to hurt her would be to sin
This is the man who is used
And is looked upon as a wimp
This man- a caring man
Who'd be insulted if a called a pimp.

The man who is not sought after because he's not hard
The man who has a conviction and belief in the Almighty God.
This is the man who is scorned
And he's entrenched with shame
This man- a saddened man
Who's concern about love, not fame.

The man who is together, prepared for true love
The man who sees love as a gift God's given in above
This is the man who is neglected
Often left out and over passed
This man- a grieving man
Is he who's finished last.

Untitled (No. 1) by Makalani

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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