You Can't Be A Friend If...

by Makalani

You can't be a friend if
All you do
Is search for the bad,
And spread the untrue;
For friends are there
To lend a helping hand,
Not stir up confusion,
And force the enemy's hand

You can't be a friend if
To your friend you can't be true
For liars and backstabbers
Cannot make it through
For times will get har
You friendship shall receive many tests-
And if you're not sincere-
Then you'll have to STEP

You can't be a friend if
You can't forget one's wrongs
For you've lied and cheated too
But you were forgiven and moved on
For you weren't always right
You weren't always good
But you once were forgiven
As any friend would

You can't be a friend if
You're in it for yourself
For hidden agendas and popularity
Are reasons to be BY YOURSELF.
For people need true friends
Not someone to occupy space
For those space-savers don't help
When trouble's dead in their face

You can't be a friend if
You can't step out on a vision,
For you must have a goal-
When your bond is threatening division
For without a sign in hard times
Without a light in the dark
Your friendship will be a desolate experience
Wihou hope and love far apart

You can't be a friend if
You can't be trusted
If you're with them when times are good;
And gone when they're busted.
For a friend is good
When times are rough;
But a friend is needed during the bad
To help pickthem up!

If you can't be hopeful
If you can't be true
If you can't forget your past
And not be in it for you
If you don't have a vision
And cannot be trusted to the end
I'm sorry to inform you-
But you can't be a friend

You Can't Be A Friend If... by Makalani

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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