A Tribute to My Lady (Part IV)

by Makalani

What can I promise you
That will withstand the winds of time?
What can I give to you,
To express my love, except words that rhyme?
I want to give you a gift so rare
That no one could give it to you again-
A gift that would remain with you until death,
A piece of my heart that has no end.
So, here, I give me!
The greatest sacrifice I can give!
Though damaged and often broken, and not always right,
My heart is how I live-
And now I long to give that life to you,
So that you may see how much I care.
What a love we must have,
Though apart, I still pay the fare,
To ride your love into the sunset,
On the gentle lake of bliss,
Only to envision holding you in the moonlight,
And showering you with a kiss-
A kiss that would brighten the sparkle,
The gleam in your deep, brown eyes,
A light stroke of affection,
To break all previous ties.
I long to dance alone with you
Underneath the stars in the crisp night air,
Though only in dreams are we ever alone,
My heart still races as if I were there.
At the thought of your smile,
In your presence, I feel as a boy-
When I hear your soothing voice on the phone, 
I am anxious, as a child with a new toy.
I find it hard to contain
Myself at the thought of you,
Seeing you, I am mesmerized-
Oftentimes, I don't know what to do.
I don't want to sound dumb,
So I watch what I say-
I don't want to make you uneasy,
So I watch my actions, so you'll stay.
I don't want to move too fast,
So I watch what I do-
But believe me that is difficult,
Especially with my thoughts of you.
Visions of being alone,
Far away from those outside
A place where two hearts can be free, to live
And you could be forever by my side.
A place where we'd never have to leave
For no one would dare interrupt our stay,
We would love and live happily until we were full,
Let problems come what my!
I dream of feeling your sweet breath
Gently blowing acros my ears,
I dream of softly stroking your caramel cheek,
As I cast away all of your tears.
I long to hold you in my arms
And tell you that you're all mine-
To hear you tell me that you love me true,
And together, we're sublime.
Kiss me again, if only in a dream,
For in sleep is better than not at all-
Give me another slice of your passion,
Lest the momentum in my soul fall.
Make speed and come to me,
Gently recline in the safety of my arms-
Let me protect you and keep you
Away from all care and harms.
Let me be that to you 
That no one has ever been-
let me give you a love so strong,
That on it you can always depend.
I want to be your friend, not foe-
Your happiness not your pain-
I search to be a help not a hindrance,
A ray of sun, not a torrent of rain.
This is what I yearn to be for you,
Not because of what I can receive in return-
But because of the love that overpowers my soul,
And the fiery torch for you in my heart that burns.
You may read these lines over and over,
Each time magnifying the emotion you feel,
But these words will mean nothing,
Until you realize that indeed they are real.
These are not just words
Written down by a pen-
These are the notes of a living, breathing song
That plays continually within me, without end.
These words are the remnant of a growth
Overflowing the most inward part of myself-
Without the love within, there'd be no sound,
And it would not be wrong to be emotionally deaf.
But because of the song within
You must be able to hear
The sultry rivers of love
That run throughout me so crystal clear.
Please take a sip
From the swelling brook in my being-
Taste! Enjoy! Be refreshed!
Ingest the source of my meaning.
How is it to your lips?
Does it begin to burn?
Does it make you see like never before?
Does your body begin to crave and yearn
For its soothing sensation
That enslaves your buds of taste,
That renews your feeling of love-
And makes your soul delicate as lace.
Do not leave until you're full
Until you've had allt hat you can take.
Rest if you must but return again,
To the flowing river that will make
You love me as never before
And none other, as ever again-
Allow my prayer to unite with yours
And together to God we'll send,
Our request to remain in love,
Strong, happy, and united,
In love and loving each other, and
By temptation we'll never be divided:
Dear Master of all
Who lives up above,
Thank you for our togetherness,
Thank you for your love.
Keep us most of all
Within the hallows of thine hand,
And when those dark days do come,
Allow us, God, to be strong and stand.
Let your will be done between us,
And help us to accept your way-
Help us to fight our own little urges-
Oh God, in love, let us stay.
Watch over us as we're apart-
I down south and my lady back at home-
God help us to see when we go through
Difficult days, we're never alone.
Always help us to see the truth-
That you're always standing by.
Help us to remember you long to dry our tears,
Each and every time that we cry.
Thank you God for unity
Between our souls, so different at times-
Thank you for the memories of old,
And the undisclosed signs
Of your presence always among us,
To catch us when we fall-
Of your ever-listening ear,
When upon you, our souls call.
Build a fence around our love
So that no one can steal what we share-
Give us peace amid the storm-
Assurance to know you care.
God, we know you, brought us together
Not for spite, but for a reason-
Help us to always be loving of the other,
Even if only for a season.
Grant us the strength to climb
Any mountains in our way-
Bestow upon us mercy,
For those stumbles along the way.
God, we bless you for what you've done.
For the love for each other in our hearts-
Keep us continually loving each other,
Even if time calls us apart.
Mend those broken places within us
And make our love stronger than the rest,
For we know if you repair our love,
We'll be able to stand any test.
Allow our love to grow roots
Within the very pit of our hearts-
Teach us how to love ourselves and each other,
Wholly and not just in part.
Master, we know that you are able-
For you've been beside us all of the while
Continue to be in charge of our love,
Carry us through Life's journey miles.
We thank you for this love
That is sent from the highest Heaven,
God I bless you for these words that we've prayed
For your love and for my Devon.
Strengthen us both as we do
That which you have assigned for us-
Continue to keep your hands guiding our steps,
Until we are no longer living, but dust.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Our guide, strength, and friend-
May we forever love each other for "us",
And may our love never have an end...

A Tribute to My Lady (Part IV) by Makalani

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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