But What Do We Do?

by Makalani

Everywhere we turn violence is running rampant throughout our society. Violence in the schools. Violence in the workforce. Violence in the streets; but what do we as a society do?

Violence is daily killing and claiming the lives of innocent Black children, leaders, and people. Black-on-Black violence is taking us out but what do we as a people do? We sit back and blame everybody else for the downfalls of our community.

The problem with violence in the Afro-American sect of society stems from our failed child-rearing responsibilities. Today, parents look to the school to instill morals and values. The schools look to the churches to instill discipline. The churches look to the homes to instill morals. In the end, our children today are lost in the shuffle and receive no moral instruction. Who then raises those children? Who then leads and guides those children in the “right” direction? Gangs raise those children. Violence raises those children. Sex raises those children. The streets raise those children. Drugs raise those children. Yet we wonder why day-by-day, hour-by-hour, year-by-year our community is lagging behind? Yet we wonder why our people are the target of stereotypes? It’s because we’re laying down on the job and expecting America to pick up the tab!

How can we expect America- a country full of its own problems- to teach our children right and wrong when we OURSELVES are too lazy to do it? Let’s face it- America cares nothing about the plight of Afro-Americans until we’ve killed somebody, robbed a bank, or had another march because we were treated unfairly. As long as we stay ignorant, “yes massa, no massa” people, America has no problem with us because she can run circles around us. But don’t get any sense! Don’t get some “edgercation.” You become a threat to Uncle Sam’s comfort zone. Realistically, we should keep Uncle Sam uncomfortable! We should never give America enough power to stifle our dreams- our talents, our capabilities. NOBODY- White, Black, Indian, blue, black, or gold- should have that much control over us!

I believe Malcolm X said it best when he mentioned that we must stop treating Uncle Sam as if he’s our friend. America is only concerned about keeping the “crème on the top” and the “coffee on the bottom.”

Let us examine the situation within Black America: Young, gifted leaders of tomorrow find it hard to avoid ridicule and jealous attitudes because their visionless and ”miserably-existing” peers hurl biting comment at them. Imagine that- being so sad, miserable, and jealous of another person of your same race- someone who has to fight just as hard as you do to achieve- someone who has to work just as hard as you do to be duly recognized- that you have to kick him or her down. This is a sad occurrence in Black America.

If we were truly to step back for a moment and assess how many deaths we have brought and bring upon our own community, we would see that if the KKK never killed a Black person- if America never sentenced an innocent Black person to be killed because of a crime that he/she did not commit- if simply being Black was never enough to be proven guilty- we STILL have claimed too many lives! Something has got to be done!

Yes, something has got to be done in the Black society. Something has got to be done in the homes! Something has got to be done in the schools. Something has got to be done…FAST!

Please don’t think that this change is going to come by us sitting back, trying to keep our hands clean, our foreheads dry, and our comportment always sweet and kind. If we want to keep our children safe, at sometime or another, we are going to have to roll up our sleeves, come out of our comfort zones, and do what it takes. Let’s be honest about it, obviously what we’ve been doing isn’t working! Sitting back, letting them develop on their own, believing that they’re headed for Hell anyway is not changing the high rates of violence within the Black community. Being lackadaisical is killing more Black teenagers today than ever; and we’re acting like it’s OKAY! We’re so quick to say, “Well that’s the life that they live.” But why do they live that life? Why do our Black men feel as though they have to sell drugs? Why do our Black females feel as though they have to look to fornication and pre-marriage pregnancies for love? It is because we’re not being competent role models. We’re not being competent parents! We’re not being competent leaders; and the blood of thousands of lives are on our hands.

Allow me to conclude by posing the question, thousands of our Black youth are falling through the cracks, but what do we do? Thousands of our inner city children are being slaughtered at the hands of their brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends, but what do we do? Thousands of our Black young females are becoming pregnant and depriving themselves of a decent future, but what do we do? Thousands of our Black men are winding up in jail and electric chambers and gas chambers all over this country, but what do we do?

Thousands of our future leaders of tomorrow are being dissuaded because of a lack of support, but what do we do? Thousands of our Black youth are turning to crack cocaine, Colt 45, Wild Irish Rose, and marijuana for love, but what do we do? Do we duck and hide, or do we stand and deliver? Do we run and pass the buck or do we say, “Enough is enough?” I refuse to run any more! I refuse to turn my back on this issue! I refuse to say that’s not my problem—for it is my PROBLEM. It’s your problem too. It’s OUR problem! And it’s only until we realize that it’s our problem that we can work together to find a solution!

Our children are sighing- our mothers are crying- our brothers are frying- our country is jiving- our community is dying; but what do we do? We decide today that it’s now or never. We decide today to make a difference. The ball is in our court… but what do we do?

But What Do We Do? by Makalani

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