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A woman who is sometimes lost, sometimes wise, sometimes clear, and sometimes strong, but all the time human.A woman with a passion for writing that exceeds being a hobby, this woman's woman is Domonique Bryant. She was raised in the DC area. She is the baby of 4 and is a mother of one. She prides herself on being able to communicate with people through her works. She wants to reach the minds and souls of people whom have lost hope, lost love, and have reached their breaking point. "Life," to Ms. Bryant, "is the path that you take, you make wrong turns and you miss your exits, but that same road can keep you lost, or you can renew your mind, which renews your thinking, which will in turn renew your direction."

She is pictured below with her son.
DBryant and Son

You can contact DBryant via e-mail at msnique@hotmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by DBryant

Short Story

All That Jazze
Excerpt from "Thunder Is Not Yet Rain"
Love...When All Else Fails
Moving On
Souls Made Right
Stolen Dreams
When Do You Say...Enough
What's A Man To Do


A Well Gone Dry
Crack Back
Forever Your Loving Protector with Juwan T. Dickerson
For You
I Want To Go To Izreal
Justice or JustUS
Love Potion No. 9
Rolling Stone
Sometimes I Dream
Strike 2 (Pt. to Clubbin')
Supper Time
Taste of Reality
The Heist
This is Me The Color of My Skin
To David
Train Ride To Nowhere
Vertical Limit
Wherever You Are
Woman to Woman


A Reality Check for my Black Sistas
Are We Crippling Our Future?
The Year of the Troubled Man
What Makes You Black?

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