Woman to Woman

by DBryant

A tigress in a lioness den
a mere commoner in royalties grace
old to the jungle yet still can't blend
among the wealthy, a scavenger and out of place
The roar of a lioness,
powerful demands,
the bawl of a tigress
calls only the weak to stand.
Tracking the same fields
the same prey feeling the same rage,
lost as anothers meal
or trapped together in the same cage.
Hate the game
Hate the shame
Hate the lame
Hate the vain,
but what ever you do
respect the name
of a this woman
that stands before you

Woman to woman
let's have a
heart to heart
and not go
toe to toe
before we start
stop this madness
stick together
the pain and sadness
Be an asset to each other
care for our brothers
stay real with one another
as we keepin' it together
now in this day and age
if we're working for the same job
to make that additional wage
reciting the same night in the same place
on this very stage
I'll tell the weak , strong,
the many or few
I'll tell the Poet
from a Poet
the woman
from the woman
that stands before you.

Woman to Woman by DBryant

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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