The Year of the Troubled Man

by DBryant

I ask these men what's wrong, I say what the trouble is? The way I see it, they are all over the place. Troubled man here, troubled man there, and everybody I seem to know has found one. Now I am not going to say that every man is a troubled man, because some of them are past troubled and have taken the express to crazy. Crazy, now that's a place where my ex-factor has called home. He wasn't a woman beater (although I didn't stick around long enough to find out), he didn't curse me out, nor did he mentally or emotionally abuse me. He actually was the most caring and concerned boyfriend I've had in....uh...let's say.... MY LIFE!!! He was candy, flowers, he would give me soft kisses on my shoulders and neck, and with that, he damn near kill me and everybody in his car one night. Just went stone crazy because I changed the radio station.

Actually, on the highway of love and life (Love happen to be the one I was taking at the time) there are signs of trouble, drama, and good fortune on your travels. This night trouble was on every exit. He got jealous because in the game spot we were in because somebody spoke, upset because I walked off with out him, and then mad for some other reason (I couldn't tell you what to save my life), then the car incident. Crazy!

I knew then, and I told him later after my therapy from him swerving all over the road, and I put on my best Puerto Rican accent, "Look, I love you and I respect what you do, but if you don't drive like you got some goddamn sense I am going to kick your ****** ass!!!!"

Needless to say that didn't go over so well and he got more upset. I figured now is the time to get out (of the relationship that is, I was waaaaaaaay too far from home to get out of the car) there was no community property and there were no children between the two of us, and at the time no love (at least none that I was conscience of). We didn't talk for a week and he had no idea what was going on. CRAZY! I had to let him go. He had to deal with what HE had going on. Things that were stressing HIM out, because he was then stressing US out. At the same time I was not perfect in all of this, I know that I sometimes provoked it, not sure to see if it was really me or if it was something deeper, something that I can't touch or help him through. Heck I got things that I need to work out and deal with as an individual myself. Things that I need to take care up for me and my son, but man!

I know now that he didn't mean to scare me, nor did he mean to scare everybody else in the car. But, my son was in the car and he comes before this relationship.

So though I take this lightly, there are some who's issue are far worse and more serious than mine. Know when the point comes in your relationship that space is needed or if a break-up is necessary. Remember you are all you are gonna get, you don't get to come back and try it again once your gone.

The Year of the Troubled Man by DBryant

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