Crack Back

by DBryant

I could crack yo' back
for talking to me
like that   Because I'm black
as if I'm not free...
as if I am free,
but that's up to me
and my mentality!
You don't get to decide
what I think
or how high I can reach
or how low to sink
Street talk...Talkin to me out the side
will get you a keyed up ride
You can consider this a verbal consultation
please don't force me to escalate your termination. 
See? I can be fair,
but for you it's rare
to see the me behind the brown
to hear the Yale instead of Downtown
Yeah, I do what you do, 
but to expect to bring home the same cake
is a mistake
because before my money is green its white
and I'm seen in the red
because I'm black
a liability 
to the yellow belly coward
afraid of his un-deniability
of my potential 
which ain't the opposite of light,
making you the opposite of right,
and if this don't apply, then
it ain't the opposite of me I spite... 
Now... I could crack yo' back-woods thinkin
to free your mind
or we can love your sons and daughters
til we contaminate your bloodline
maybe making you
the last of your kind 
By taking your lack of hues 
into the beautiful me's and
making magnificent you's
that will turn the tables 
and tell of old fables
of a race that 
So the next time you think to speak
remember this 
not my race
see the mind
not my face
experience my ingenuity
not how the odds are stacked
'Cause a slip of your true self
could get your 

Crack Back by DBryant

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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