Taste of Reality

by DBryant

The Taste of Reality

Poor girl
poor poor thing
holding on to these
world-ly posessions
caught up in major
too loud to hear
what's right
for talking about
last night
Thinking you runnin'
some man
by showin' yo asses
guessing it's love
when he bought you those
Vercacheap sunglasses

Poor girl,
I feel sorry for you
betrayed by yo' so called friends
thinking true friends come by
how much they spend
or what you
buy them.
You'll see, I hope before too late
that you get your shit together,
get your thing straight
know before too long
that selling your ass is wrong
life can be touch and go,
gone before you know
bringing an end to your show,

So when we get
up to leave
and you can't,
you see
that we are
what you wouldn't be
and taste this bit of Reality.

Poor girl,
Who laughed then
but cries now
who's head was
high, but now bowed
You'll get enough of those
party crowds
people leading you away from what's right
twistin' your head loose
when you should be keeping it tight
but what do I know
But the bitter-sweet taste of Reality.
You poor poor thing
I'll see you in our days ahead,
Maybe awake and alive
or again,
as the walking dead.

Taste of Reality by DBryant

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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