Justice or JustUS

by DBryant

This is more a story than a spoken song
more a reality  for far too long
Stopped by police, the door ajar
stopped for too many of US in the car
Not for speeding or running the stop light
But for too many of US in one car at night
This legal system for everybody but US
a system that prides itself on justice
A pig, the fuzz whatever you call him
will beat you to death and it's hero they will call him
a Service to society against the breaker of Laws
an assassin in dress uniform walking on all fours.
Doing us justice
he is right about one thing
he is doing US
and he's doing  justUS.

There is life for lost souls with feet
hunted by your public servant walking the beat
one hand by his side, the other a night stick in full swing
ready to pull his heat or make those ears ring
life amongst those with more morality
just not here in his reality
See,  he was held up after your cry for his protection
but got there early for your lethal injection
no way was he to miss that last breath you took
The justice system rid this world of one more crook
Are you watching justice in action
or action against justUS

See I get so upset where I lose my breath
To see our brothers too soon meet their death
the few that are free in the physical sense
mentals are held under false pretense
I'mma go ahead and end
before I get mad again
'cause it don't do no good
when you got more not doing what they should
feeding into this circle of life, that don't include us
making it easy for them to claim it's justice
when it's them doing... justUS

Justice or JustUS by DBryant

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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