A Reality Check for my Black Sistas

by DBryant

I have come across a lot of people in my short time here on earth. I have 25 years in the physical being but 2 times that in the spiritual existence. I am an old-hearted woman in a young woman's body, living amongst the saddest generation of women I can ever imagine.

The saddest generation consisting of young women having sex for attention or recognition; middle aged women sticking with men that don't give a #@*!! about them; and older women that won't take the time to smack some sense into their children.

I feel yesterday was the time, today and tomorrow maybe too late. I will not claim to be mistake free, because I am not a perfect person. What the difference is, is learning from my mistakes.

I was young when I had my son who is now six, I was also an adult with High School and a year and a half of college behind me. I told my mother that I was keeping my child and if that was something that she couldn't take, then I was going take on the responsibility and move. I told her that.

Another difference is, I haven't gotten pregnant again, and I will keep it that way until I am married. A lot of women are having these babies by men that are not committing to them. Expecting, hoping, wishing, and praying that they will 'Come around'. But who is it really that needs to come around? Is it the 'Man' that knows that he is not going to be with the women he gets pregnant? Or is the 'Woman' that needs to realize that a commitment hasn't been made and is not going to be? Is it the 'Man' that ain't working, but still livin',eatin', sleepin',and chillin' in yo Shit??? Or is it the 'Woman' that needs to conclude that he ain't gonna and don't wanna do right?

Now please don't get me wrong, I am not speaking of ALL men and ALL women, but those I do speak of know who they are. They are the ones that get super defensive when they read this, they are the ones that don't know where their children are at 11 and 12 o'clock on school nights. They are the ones that refuse to stand on their on, they are the ones 30 to 40 years old living at home because they don't want to take care of themselves. They are the ones that deal with bull#$@%!!! because they are scared of making it on their own....scared of being alone. That is who this essay is in reference to, if that doesn't apply to you, then this shouldn't bother you.

Once the problem has been identified, all eyes and ears are open, you can offer a solution. Give insight where there is only darkness. Give hope where hope maybe lost. Give answers where there are only questions. I will say to my sistas, that once you come in touch with yourself and your God, then and only then will the rest fall in place. Only then will the younger see that sex is sacred, and that ladies, your bodies are your 'Temple'. Let in only those who are worthy of you and your heart. Take nothing lightly, deal with every person positively and find out what roll those persons play in your life.

As for my sistas that are middle aged and think that 'This man is all I got'.... Think again. Think. You have YOU! Think that you have your family, think that you have your children, think that you have your life to live... for you!!!

Again I deal with people and I see them make the same mistakes over and over again. I watch them trip over their own feet, and I see them cry the same tears for the same reasons. I hurt for you, but when you continue to do what only brings you pain, I can't feel sorry for you. I ask for the sake of the next generation, and the children to come, please look at the source of pain, and eliminate it. Then refocus on that which builds you, spiritually and emotionally.

A Reality Check for my Black Sistas by DBryant

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