by DBryant

I feel your silky clothes and I see in your eyes
all the lies you ever told
and I remember you across the room smoothing your mustache,
while self-confidence ooozes from your pores
to reach me in the distance,
We both leave our seats at the bar
'cause I want to meet you half way
show you that I am feeling you too.
You're looking and licking your lips,
I.... I wonder what they taste like,
them on me, all over me.
You're thinking of placing those lips on me gently,
then thrusting your tongue and groping well, you know.
As you play with these thoughts that dance in your head...
        "Let's get out of here."
         "and go where?"
         "Anywhere, I don't care"
I think, even my dreams could bring you to your knees
if I spoke my words, or placed my hands on those secret places
that would you course make you c o m e......
to me completely
and surrender all that you are.
Then Just when you reach me.
I close my eyes in hopes of you doing all and more
of what that brain of yours can conjure up...
"Excuse me."
you say as you walk by.
I feel your silky clothes
and see in your eyes all the lies that you ever told and think....
'Hmmmph, I didn't want you noway.'
and leave the club.
Alone, as I have every other day.

Clubbin' by DBryant

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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