by Dbryant

Forgot to leave your Black at home
while on the streets I roam?
Bad move Homes, or Nig, or whateva
you call you I'mma shoot you
and my story is you shot at me and started to run

What you say? You're not armed?
Oh you will be when I'm done.
On the level though,
I'm not the devil yo'
Just licensed to kill
shoot to fatally wound at will
Man, I LOVE THIS JOB! I would do it for free
See, I can beat a Spick to death and
shoot up a car full of Moolies
Click-Click Reload
It's what I do
Hired to proxy the True Blue
Click-Click Reload
Not to protect. But to execute...
Pop Pop
Death is imminent
Only... it's not yours, it's... it's mine.
Not the way I told this story the last time
This can't be right,
no wait
what's this light?
Pop Pop
Stupid Cop!
You thought it was ova?!
You killed my... 
My Brother
My Cousin
My Husband
My Friend...
To the gang crowding around... 
Go to Hell! I say
Oh yeah, we'll meet again, only not today

Shootin' him made me no betta than he.
Turning 'them' 
turning 'me' 

Untitled by Dbryant

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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