Strike 2 (Pt. to Clubbin')

by DBryant

Back again
for the same ole grind
hear the same ole laughs
at the same ole lines.
Searching the faces
for that familiar one
this time brush against him
feel those guns
give him a smile that
he won't miss
show the love
that he can't resist
Tired of being alone,
of going to that empty
place called home
Not this time
on this night
gonna make it happen
even if I have to fight
to prove to this Man
that I am what he thirsts for
Gonna take him and show
him what he's here for
Looking for that face
those eyes
those lips that said all
I didn't want to hear
told me everything bad
everything I fear
yet I want you
I want you to love
and for you to want me too.
Searching these faces for the one
that made me tingle inside
Hoping to get a second chance
Sitting in the same chair
Praying for the same glance
"Hi, is anyone sitting here."
Its that voice that rang in your ears for weeks
Its those lips that are pressed against her cheek
It's those same eyes that told me
that everything I hoped for was a lie,
and that I would go back to my
empty place called home
Whether I want to or not
I would be alone
Yep this time
again tonight,
My friend Dwight,
Can fill in as Mr. Right.... Now

Strike 2 (Pt. to Clubbin') by DBryant

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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