Excerpt from 'Thunder Is Not Yet Rain"

by DBryant

I took off for a couple of days to try and figure things out. After my last meeting I was all screwed up. I didn't have my proposal in order, my presentation was all off and I did not stress all the key points. The client just felt that I needed another day or two to handle the matter, seems to think that it was my staff that created the mix up. When actually it's G that has me fucking up like this. Work is just apart of it. Terry is the other. I cant imagine what she must be feeling right now. I want to get back to the way it was before....before it got crazy. I know I can't tell Terry what's been going on, she will definitely have my head out in the morning trash. Both of them. Even still calling would clear the air. A lot of questions will rise but I will have to deal with it. As soon as the thought came to call I had already began dialing.

"Hello" I hear her sweet voice say into the receiver. She is as soft as her voice, tall maybe, 5'6" or 7", dark chocolate skin that makes you hungry when you see it.

"It's Tre'. Is it safe?"

"Maybe, if you tell me you love me and what's been bothering you." She says.

"Can't I just tell you I love you and leave it at that?" Trying to avoid as many questions as possible.

"We can start there and work our way through. Hey! Come on I need that note. That's not trash." She yells away from the phone.

"Are you talking to me?" A little confused. I listen hard for someone else's voice in her background and it is heavy laughter that is mocking me. Laughing at me, because I am in another country and he is there, there with my lady. "No Tre'. I'm talking to a co-worker, he was about to trash my notes. What were we talking about?"

"Who is this co-worker? You've never mentioned him before. Why is he in your house?" I ask hollering so that he would know that he is not a welcomed fixture at the moment or any moment for that matter.

"Tre' calm down." She says, 'calm down'? I want to ask. In the mist of my hollering I hadn't even realized that I had jumped up from the bed and was now on my feet in the middle of the room.

"Calm down, here I am upset about what's going on with us and you are laughing it up with Mr. Fellow there!" Still yelling and throwing stuff around the room.

"We are working, not laughing it up. What's gotten into you, you don't believe me?" She sounds like I'm the one trippin'.

"Nothing, it damn sure seem like you are chillin' breaking from your hard work."

"Look Tre', can we start over? Shits seems to be taking a turn for the worst here lately." Now she has an attitude. How the hell is she going to get the attitude when I'm the one on the opposite end here. I am so pissed off by this stupid shit.

"You know what, how about I try you later. Like when you don't have so much work on your hands."

"No, I want to talk to you now, and don't make this out to be about me! That is not fair."

"Fair?! You're asking for fair? When I call you and there is some nigga there where I should be."

"Now it is not my fault you're in Italy." I didn't hear what I just heard. She didn't say that. "What did you just say?" I ask because I need for her to say it again before I cuss her out.

"Never mind."

"OH, so because I'm away that makes it time to get your freak-on?" I ask.

"Now you are really going too far Tre'!

"Am I? Well, I can't go any farther than that. Or maybe we need to chill out for a while. In fact that's exactly what we need." I say.

"Yes, you are! And what do you mean chill out?" She asks not as loud as before, and without as much attitude.

"I don't know what I mean. Maybe I have too much to deal with and this is really stressing me out. I need some time."

"Time for what, time to think, time to be alone, time for other people? What Tre'?" She asks sniffling. She is right about it all, well, maybe not the part about seeing other people, but all the rest. She's coolin' with this dude and I'm about to loose my damn job. Damn right I need some time!

"Yeah, all that." I say nonchalantly. I tell her that I'll talk to her later after I've given it some more thought. She barely had the chance to say bye before I hung up.

Before I even took my hand off of the phone, it rang. I thought it was going to be Terry calling back.

"Yes?" I ask real short so that the other person can state their business before they hear a dial tone. I am not in the mood for any extra conversation.

"Dag, man. What's eating at you?" It sounds like Mike, that's my man and all but now really isn't a good time.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Man, finally they hooked me up with this fat ass account. Have you heard of Tec Lasers?" He's all excited and loud in the phone. I see that G doesn't waste any time, it's starting already. The bad thing is, he has no idea what the upkeep of his new found success consist of, or if he'd have a problem with it. I know that his wife and child would.

"Yeah, is that right?" I try to sound happy for him, because it's not as if he doesn't deserve it. We have worked on many projects together in the past where he had given a lot of input, but not an account of this caliber.

"Hey Man, thanks. You've helped out a lot , so look let's hook-up for happy hour."

"Call me before then to see how I'm feeling."

"Cool, later." He says and hangs up. Ain't this a bitch? I take off a couple of days and Mike's career takes off with a bang! I don't get it. My work speaks for it's self but in order for it to get recognized I have to satisfy the boss lady's needs.

The next morning I still felt like crap. I have to turn this around to my advantage somehow. Maybe I could or would keep having sex with G if she guarantees me setting up shop back in the states where I can get back to my lady and send that clown back where he came from, the circus.

Or I could just tell her that she better quit before I see the Head M..F...in charge. Yeah right with slim to none chances of ever working in this company or field again. Why go through all that, I'll just wait it out.

In stead of sittin' around in the room I decided to go check out the gym, I hope it's not crowded. I don't want to be around anyone. Walks in the door there are a few people, not many. It's just enough to get your work out on and get out. The racquet ball rooms were locked, I wondered why when I looked inside there was nobody. So I went on to the weight lifting. I put in a good 30 minutes when I saw some large breasts above the bar.

"Want me to spot you?" She asks.

"Thanks, but no thanks." I hissed out and went on with my training. She stayed there as if to say, you don't have a choice. I still won't look at her. I'm pretty sure it's G, which is why I haven't bothered to see. "I can handle it." I say to reiterate the first no.

"I see, but it never hurts for someone to have your back." She really doesn't sound like G after I did my last set I look at this woman that I know I've seen before. I suppose some where in here. But none the less, I do not want to be bothered.

"Well, thanks." I say and start to walk away. She stopped me again, "You come here a lot I've seen you up to four times a week once.

"Yep, I do have those weeks. Well I'll be...."

"Well, I don't want to keep you," She went on to say, "I just admire your dedication and the time you put into your body."

"Thanks I try, so I'll see you around and picked my towel up from the bench as I walked away I hope I wasn't harsh or rude, it's not her that has me all twisted inside. I am just not in the mood. Turning back it doesn't look like she gave it a second thought going on with her workout. She has to be in top shape and the guy that's approaching I guess notices it also. "Good." I mumble to myself, I didn't come off wrong. Now to hit the sauna, that should relax me and take the edge off.

"Good it's empty." Echoing in the empty room my words sounds loud. Lying on the hot bench with my towel across my mid section the days events begin to roll through my head. Terry. She was right. Our last few calls have gone to the pits. I can't even think about telling her why. I'm not quite sure how she'd react, I mean I know how she will React. I'm just not sure of the aftermath. Whether she will want to weather through this storm. I miss her already.

Excerpt from 'Thunder Is Not Yet Rain" by DBryant

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