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Hussein Ali Hill has been a poet for 42 years. He has enjoyed careers as an actor, award-winning internet talk show host and songwriter. He says, "I figuratively stand on the shoulders of all the Black Poets who have come before me and kudos to Gil Scott Heron (RIP) and The Last Poets."

He resides in Chicago. He invites you to follow him on Twitter at @theoralbuffet.

You can contact Hussein via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Hussein


12 Questions for My Soul Mate
300 Years A Slave
3:46 am
3 Wrongs Don't Make A Right
64 K
A Bullet Doesn't Care
Acts of Civil Unrest
A House Divided
A Keeper Of The Flame
An Army Of Two
An Ode To A Sista Queen
Another Modern-day Minstrel Show?
Another Statistic
Another Tuesday
A Poisoned Well
A Refurbished Heart
A Song In The Key Of Insanity
A Spoonful of You
Back In The Day
Being Yet Nothingness
Bitter Pill
Bonnie and Clyde
Cashmere Love
Dear Heavenly Father
Death Penalty
Deprogrammed and Reprogrammed
Desperate Hours
Ex-Talk Show Host
Forever Today
Free Speech
Fully In Hand
Global Conspiracy
God's End Game
Guilty In The Court of Love
Houses of Love
I Am Not Your Negro
I Am On The Road Not Taken
I Am The Existential Poet
It's Time: A Message To Some Of My Brothas
Just Us
Lady X
Life During War Time
Life In Da Hood
Living While Black
Lust For Life
My 1970's-Chicago
My Addiction
My Final Battle
My High Priestess of Love
My Mocha Love
My Star Gate
Negative Programing
Never Goes Out Of Style
Nothing Illegal
Our Journey
Our Moral Decay
Poor Semi-Righteous Poet
Real Talk
Sent By Heaven To Me
Shots Fired
Sista Soul-00
Sorrow Beyond Syntax
Street Corner Pundit
Sweet Tea
Take The Red Pill
The Buck Stops Here
The Bull$%^ They Put Us Through
The End is Nigh
The Jackpot
The Land of Nod
The Last Days
The Other America
The Other Side Of The Coin
The Perfect Wave
What's Popin?
Your Brother In The Struggle

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