I Am On The Road Not Taken*

by Hussein

Class Clown, Rebel, Activist and Poet not afraid to tell politicians and other lairs to stow it I speak my mind and in holding cells across America I have done my time To our corrupt system I flip a broken peace sign and spit on the altar of money they use as their shrine I had my party boy days and know first hand about "purple haze" screwed more relationships than Walt Chamberlain did women drank enough booze to make a man made lake to swim in smoked so much weed that if were a cloud it would be bigger than the ozone layer when it comes to cards I am a damn good poker player in the 80's and 90's I snorted a mountain of Cocaine the size of Peru Lord I am glad with those days I am through my life has had more plot twist and turns than the clover leaf on the LA Freeway GOD was in the back of my mind and in my heart even when from him I did stray I never took a wife but I have led a full life when my time come to it's end I hope at least one person can say to them I was a true friend ***********************
*Kudos and Credit to Robert Frost for his poem "The Road Not Taken." His excellent poem has inspired me both as a person and as a poet.

I Am On The Road Not Taken by Hussein

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