The Buck Stops Here

by Hussein

Every four years we vote for a Commander-in-Chief
secretly hoping the person is not a liar and thief

As the election time grows near
Candidates are  using "dog whistle" code words for hate and fear

Dividing us further due to religion and race
in this country that should have no place

Making promises to which they will not adhere
and their positions are not Waterford clear

Along come the Lobbyists in their new shoes and suit
and a briefcase filled with unmarked loot

Millions and Millions roll in from another Super Pac
throwing our system even further out of whack

I want to laugh until I cry
when people say we have the best democracy money can buy

Who will look after my people the Black and Brown
and turn places like Chicago around

Whether citizens are shot dead by a civilian, gang  member or a cop
the nightmare of gun violence has to stop

The needs of too many American are not being met
like a job and home for a returning vet

The truth be told
we need to take better care of our old

I wait for the words I  long to hear
another US President with the courage to say-"The Buck Stops Here"

Author's note:

*This poem was inspired by words from my old friend Mr. Joe Terry

The Buck Stops Here by Hussein

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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