The Other Side Of The Coin

by Hussein

Oprah, Bill Cosby and MJ get the proverbial pass
but, the great majority of my people you kick in the ass

In sports and entertainment you love the magic that we do
but, on a day to day basis with us you are too through

We are the Chefs that bring "flava" to your bland culture
but, you look down on us the eyes of a vulture 

When we play the game your way-our successes you love to track
but, like Kaepernick when we stand up for our people-you are like Brutus and stick a knife in our back

White America is filled with label pin politics and hack political writers
these zealots that pass themselves off on Fox News as freedom fighters

A few Black folks get a modicum of respect and your "club" we are allowed to join
the rest of us you would like to ship out of here because we are-the other side of the coin

The Other Side Of The Coin by Hussein

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