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Poet, Artist, and Jewelry designer Yvonne Coleman-Burney, pen name known as AqueenPassing, began writing poetry over 50 years ago. At an early age, she had an eye for the unseen things and a heart that held a multitude of emotions. After coming full circle in her life she has returned to the very thing she loves, now with a passion and vision that reflects her peace and spirituality. She now enjoys her creativity on different levels. Yvonne designs jewelry inspired by her time growing up which she calls Nostalgia, she designs greeting cards and does digital photo art. She has one book called Soul of A Black Man and she plans on continuing her dreams as an artist and writer and is currently working on another poetry book which will include poetry about love, loss, aging, and life.

You can contact Ms. Coleman-Burney via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by AqueenPassing


Dead Man Hanging


Age Defined
Age Defined (Part 2)
Age Defined (Part 3)
Ancient Music
A Pusher's Legacy
At The Edge
Bald And Beautiful
Black Expressions
Black Pearl
Black Rage Time
Black Woman Toils
Canít Find My Heart A Home
Color of Leaves
Drive By
Drive By 2
Empty Bottle
Extensions Of A Man
Fabulous Within
Feeling You
From Heaven to Birth
History of an African American Woman
I Sing
No Shame
Not Pretty All The Time
Pounding The Pavement
Seasons Of Love
Shake Me
The 3D View
What I Like
What Is A Poem
Without A Man
Woman Thou Art Loosed
You Read Me


Who Am I

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