by AqueenPassing

Now just an old abandoned
house cloaked by the morning
fog I stood alone in my silent

I listen to the gate open and
close trying to find the nerve
to follow the path that leads
to the lake where we spent
so many relentless days and
evenings laying under the 
weeping willow tree you and me

The path worn down by time
the trees now bear from the summer
leafs that clothed each branch
I take a sit on the big rock that has
our name inscribed in the stone
trying to rediscover my soul and

It was a morning just like this one
misty and still silhouette of water
dancing with the trees as it calls
for the cool breeze we said our
goodbyes with tears that melted
like icicle’s on a winter snow top
hill, I close my eyes the chill I still

I thought of all the talks dreams and 
fears released I now unlock the chains
to that which has bound my soul
gazing upon the lake waiting for it to
show me magic to behold

My tears lost with the breeze now
out of control after hours lost in the
serenity of the lake the mist begins
to lift and I find my way back from the
aged path, I glance over my shoulder
one more time to capture a glimpse
of your smile maybe fantasized of your 
laughter just one time sorrow held
by my memories I wipe my eyes for
the last time for I must go on, and life
is waiting for me to live just around
rainbows corner

I walk pass the old rusty gate as
the last patch of fog lifts and the mist
touches my cheek I smile for it was a
kiss of remembrance to carry with me
and the piece of rainbow that will always
share colors of you

Misty by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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