Age Defined

by AqueenPassing

I have carried the children and grand
children and taken steps that were lost
even some that had direction

I have walked highways and uncertain
avenues of confusions fast lanes.  I
have danced to the blues, bee bop and
hip-hop that was cool. These are now

Limber Legs

I have changed many diapers and hung
many clothes to dry, waved to a lot of
folks as I see them strolling by.

Touched a lot of faces and caressed a
a lot of tears through out the years,
It's just my age it appears.  I have rubbed
some backs and held some hands.   A lot
of touching and cuddling with my dear
sweet man.  These are now

My Hands

Seen a lot of pain and tears and colors of
blue just not for myself but for you two.
oh I have driven cross countries and seen
wonderful things, but with the age glasses
come and poor vision it brings.

I might have to look a lot closer and squint
sometimes but I thank God that I can still
see the color of a rose and feel which way the
wind blows. These are now

My Eyes

My age is not defined by how you see me now
but all the uncharted adventures that my life
does hold and if you have a minute to sit
awhile all them there stories can be told.

I have a lifetime of courage and wisdom to
share and if you need some I got plenty to
spare.  So when you see an older person
don't just look at the outside, come closer
take a closer look right in there eyes.

For there is the life that has been stored in
there soul with so many wonderful things
they would love to share about how there
life did unfold.

Don't feel sorry for them and think "the poor
thing", cause if you are blessed to live there
life time, then your heart will surely sing and
wonderful adventures to others you can bring.
It's not just the time but my age defined.

Age Defined by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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