A Pusher's Legacy

by AqueenPassing

A pusher of reality
she shoves the truth
down her child’s throat
little pieces at a time
so that they may be
consumed in a empty

A pusher of dreams
as she dictates images
of possibilities energy
that signifies life in a 
cruel but dying world

A pusher of hope she
makes each thought
be heard sometimes she
yells, kicks even screams
a voice of despair only
because its her way to
show how much she
really cares

A pusher that is addicted
to life she strives to give
her children more than she
had more than they can
even phantom yet she continues
to push

pushes them to move
pushes them to strive
pushes them to learn
pushes them to thrive

Be more do more and care more
then the world is teaching them

A pusher that is up in age yet
she is strong fighting her own way 
as she glides through life 
digs her own grave 
she fights for her children’s success
their life to pave

We have seen many pushers in life
most pushing the lies of society
pushing dope to corrupt the mind
and deteriorate the soul but how
many pushers of life do you really see?

Yet just a unnoticed pusher she
will continue to be until one day
her children grow up and see the
real truth of the pusher’s legacy

A Pusher's Legacy by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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