History of an African American Woman

by AqueenPassing

Long ago ships landed on American

soil long strong rich toned legs

caressed the dirt for the first time

toes dug in backs bent from their

lifeís toils and shackled dreams of freedom


Who is she smoldered in rich velvet

coco smooth as the midnight sky

she is an African American woman

what do you suppose makes her strong?

and why does her strength surpass others?


Itís her heritage her ancestors bones of

ancient pride which enables her to lift her

head high her only weakness is her own fear

but she becomes whole and concrete with her God.


Her only friend and teacher in life has been

her mistakes and Gods guidance in which he

has cleared the tracks not leaving a trace

gently guiding her with his ever sweet grace


She is victorious because she continues to

climb defeat is not an option she keeps

striving leaving the worst behind


She keeps standing tall because her faith

has been her anchor as she continues to stare

life in the face the sweet taste of success has

been worth the wait


She is beautiful because life has given her each

curve and shape an insatiable essence that gives

her sensuality its own place


She longs for love just as others do but

she loves herself when others donít know how to


She walks with her head held high doesnít

mean she does not know how to cry, she has

just learned early in life that the wind will

blow and you only fall when you donít know

which way to go giving yourself enough

room in lifeís capacity to grow


She is an African American woman today

because of her ancestors who continued to

guide the glow never letting her forget to

let her beauty transcend and just let it flow

History of an African American Woman by AqueenPassing

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