What Is A Poem

by AqueenPassing

A poem is a yell in the night a silent 
scream for help when no one seems 
to be paying much attention, a poem 
is the siren that rushes to your 
house, my house their house for the 
sick for the helpless for the injured 
that cry.
A poem is a domestic dispute, a
drunken rage a fistful of pity and 
bucket of tears saved.  A poem is a 
child raped, molested for her 
innocence for her pretty pink dress 
and ruffles that has been torn and 
smeared on the mirror of shame.  A 
poem is a love lost, dreams rejected 
and a heart that still needs to mend. 
A poem is a homeless man or 
woman that can not speak can no 
longer fight the good fight or walk 
upright because their pride has been 
stolen and pushed away in the 
shopping cart they carry their only 
possessions.  A poem is a house 
with no father a home where no 
mother has rested. A poem is a 
sleepless night a thoughtless fight, 
money contradictions as they argue 
on who is right. A poem is about 
love; an old relationship that ends 
while a new one just begins. A 
poem is all you feel and all you 
wonít, those who care and those 
who donít, a poem is simply life in 
flight and one with a pen that has 
captured it within.

What Is A Poem by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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