Pounding The Pavement

by AqueenPassing

In search of the American 
dream  I walk in search of
a job head hung low swinging
my self-esteem

It seems the darkest before 
dawn I continue my walk
got no place to run 

Itís been tuff and I should have 
been more concerned now I 
got to look out for my love ones
and itís been a ruff lesson learned

Its been weeks and now months 
still canít find no job but I ainít
going out like no chump got to
get past these doors closing
leaving me bruised and bumped

We endured many trials and the
victories have been few, all eyes
are on me wondering what next
will I do

I am the man and itís up to me
I got to make it right for all the 
worrying and sacrificing my lady
has done, she has stuck by me
through it all in my heart of hearts
I know she will always be the one

So I got to keep searching and 
making my way I prayed this 
morning something I was lacking
In my daily deeds I thought I was too 
proud thought it was something a 
man like me did not need
I refuse to be a punk steal
and do whatís wrong, I got
to do it right so my freedom
I can sustain and with my 
love ones I can continue
to remain

They say prayer changes 
things and this I will soon see
got to keep pounding the 
pavement until thereís a door
that will open for me

Pounding The Pavement by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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