Black Woman Toils

by AqueenPassing

Captured and beaten before
time bound and dragged to
a foreign land, yet she holds
her head up high

Strong black woman I see you
in the heat of the day bending
your back toiling with your hands
to make things grow

I see you cooking food washing 
clothes and mending shirts wiping
torn soles of shoes that walk miles
with hands that have no rest

But yet you shed not a tear for
your in-breaded strength you
adhere without reservation
or fear

When we marched for freedom
you were right there! when we
were rioting and looting you
prayed for us and gave us words
of wisdom you taught us grace
and kindness in this unloving

You managed to listen to my mere
problems when you had endured many
stayed awake with me when the fire
and rage scared my existence, you gave
me yours

You taught me how to treat my fellow
man when I knew that they enslaved you
and tied you to chains still you rose just
the same and some how Godís love 

You found the goodness your heart
to stroke my face when I spit in yours
you have taught me through pain and
adversities there is strength, 

In the injustices in the world no matter
how horrid the arrows point in your 
direction love conquers all and
will heal all wounds.  For all that I have
done wrong to you yet you still smile at me

I can testify to your hands that toil
and I have concluded that know matter
how we look at it you are a strong 
black woman

Black Woman Toils by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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