What I Like

by Aqueenpassing

Itís just me

But I like manicures with red polish
I like crystal flute glasses imported from France
I like poetry and a 
good book to read.

Itís just me

I like cashmere sweaters soft and warm
cotton blouses and bell bottom pants
I like mink collars and coats even 
silly jokes

Itís just me

I like all types of music classical to think
oldies to reminisce and jazz to
just be in my space with a glass of wine 
and a handsome face.

Itís just me

I like to travel to places with nice beaches and 
clean clear oceans to stick my toes in the sand
tall mysterious men with deep penetrating eyes
who love to send flowers and an occasional
nice surprise.

Itís just meÖ

What I Like by Aqueenpassing

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