Drive By

by AqueenPassing

I remember it was a cold
snowy Philadelphia day when
he passed my way 

his Jag silver and glittering
like his eyes he was so fine
I wasn’t surprised

His soul was electric body 
Was swaying as his Timberlands
Was side stepping in my direction

Every inch of his body I
Respected in everyway our
Lips parted and a smiled

He got in his car as I continued
To flow while my heart begin to

I had to grab my soul stand
Firm breathe and take control
Felt like sunshine with a 
California breeze

I knew I had to be cool get my
Composure brotha had me weak
At the knees 

Dark rich chocolate a black
Sweet berry full of pride
And cultured esteem

At that moment eternity was mine 
I was ready with open arms to 
receive it each time I pass that
street my mind retrieves it

you see quietly meditating trying
to maintain my mental stability as 
I inhale the breaths of life he
Gave me that winter day

And even though it was just a passing
Glance he made my heart dance to 
Destiny’s beat 

Traveling the road before me was 
A scent a sweet melody a subtle
Hint that we will meet again one day

Drive By by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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