Black Pearl

by AqueenPassing

Some stones are considered to
be more precious than others
I personally have a fancy for
red rubies, but the pink ones
are the ones that are considered
to be rare and expensive

I often compare each phase of
my life to stones you will be 
surprised how much value 
they hold and when you really
think about it how well you 
can relate I remember
when I use to be a rock

Hard and cold lifeless almost
no real feelings on anything 
“hell” I didn’t even know 
where I lay most of the time 
some how I washed a shore
and one day I found myself
in a marble like state, I begin
to see a smooth reflection of
who I was and life started
to shine

I soon became a diamond in
the ruff and as I changed the
things around me to a more
positive state the negative 
escaped and I shined even
more now you can price a huge
value on my brilliance and luster
where once there was dirt and
debris ugly stuff I couldn’t 
even see

Someone asked me what I was
trying to be a rare diamond or 
something?  I thought for a 
moment and I said I myself
prefer pearls to diamonds or
platinum and gold, because the
distinction of a pearl its glory and
story can never be sold
You see I envisioned my self 
being dug from the floor of the 
sea and brought to the 
surface for the world to see, it
was my time to be raised from
my grave, for my life my
Lord has truly saved

I had a lot of construction to
adhere to before I could surface
and now the more I sparkle with 
the shine of blackness I realize 
through my pain and suffering I
had lots of practice I have escaped
my shell and now I am free so
through my trials and tribulation a
beautiful black pearl is what you
now see.

Black Pearl by AqueenPassing

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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