Nigel S. Daring

Nigel Daring has been writing for over twenty-five years. His writing led him to publish Existence: God, Man, Society, and Nature in December of 2012. That book presents an analysis of Genesis chapters one to three. It argues that those pages really explain all existence. Nigel Daring followed up the publishing of his first book with the printing of six books of poetry. His poetry addresses a variety of issues and experiences, and represent in sum, a fun and interesting read. All Nigel Daring's books are available on

You can contact Mr. Daring via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Nigel S. Daring


Same Cell
Time Waster


Arise Ye Wise
A Useless Fight
Fisher Of Men
God Take Over
Hot Passion
Innocence Lost
In The Shadow
Justice I Bring
Love's Touch
Me and the Lion
My Heart's Music
My Mission
My Pen is My Sword
Of The Day
Pull Your Pants Up
Sad Goodbye
Same Old Thing
Screwed Us All
Test Me
The Idea
The Tower of Babel
The Trial
What A Song
When I Rise
Wisdom and Kingdom


Addressing Education in the African Diaspora
Alone and Lonely
God's Time
Gun Violence
Human Race
The Great Questions of the Early Chapters
The Youth
Unity of Africa

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