My Pen is My Sword

by Nigel Daring

My pen is my sword
I use it to slaughter the Dragon, defend the Lion,
Make the weak strong, right the wrong
I cut through the thicket of lies
After I cut, there’s clarity, people become wise

My pen is my sword
Words I carve nourish those who starve
A villain in Babylon, I terrorize the country
When my pen is sheathed, I’m prepared to defend
I’m a Defender of the Faith, upon me God can depend

My pen is my sword
I make men bleed hypocrisy,
Behead the Vampire, pierce his heart,
Ride a knight in night hailing Light,
Killing while joyously proclaiming Life

My pen is my sword
At the damage I do, many get upset
Still cutting through, no regret
When I pull my sword, the Beast trembles
He knows, expects blows, this means trouble

My pen is my sword
I carve words in air for generations to hear
Upon the morning sun I ride, I arrive
The first soldier declaring it’s over,
Dismounting, the heathen ducks for cover

My pen is my sword
Who’s been cut is blessed or gutted
Can’t be the same after you’ve tasted my blade, but
Hurt or blessed, it’s all for the best
No wild swings, each a strategy of deep intellect

My pen is my sword
There’s a current in creation,
Running through my soul
To the palms of my hands
When I strike with my sword,
Know where I’m coming from
My word the Word, my pen the sword
My life the Life, my might the Right
By Truth I execute, to Babylon I’m a brute
Just an angel, a warrior in God’s army
Struck the Tower of Babel, the babbling words of many
Struck the wall for Daniel to read
Struck tablets for Moses to lead
I’m an ancient warrior, true lover of Truth
Jah sent me with this sword,
Marching forward on Word
My words bludgeoning of sword

My Pen is My Sword by Nigel Daring

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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