The Youth

by Nigel Daring

The incoming generation will have to seize the reins of power from their parents and craft for themselves a new reality. It cannot presume the bequest of a stable world or a more secure future. It must reassess old doctrines and determine for itself ideologies conducive to a sanguine social order. The youth will have to realize errors of their priors, not doubting in their passion their ability to determine the merits of what was bequeathed while moving forward with the zeal to protect themselves, their fellows, the fruits of their loins, and their environment. They will have to overcome barriers constructed by their forefathers to unite under the banner of common humanity. They will have to subject themselves to the love omnipresent in nature but which has been lost by their fathers and mothers to build trust across storied divisions.

The incoming generation will have to realize that they've been robbed of optimism by those before them. The rallying cry for their future belongs to them. They can no longer sit passively awaiting the hope of the past while the call of the future demands their activity. The youth will have to craft their reality in tune with the reality demanded by God and nature. Success or failure now rests solely on their shoulders.

As such, they must no longer concern themselves with frivolities. The children today must awaken to their status, power, and responsibilities, focusing on change for the better. They will have to chart a destiny demanding the oneness and equality of all people; they will have to assure that all humans remain safe and secure regardless of race, background, religion, culture, or geography; they will have to protect their environment against corporate greed. These aims were long attainable but suffered by woeful lack of willpower and twisted ideologies. Now their achievability rests with those whose endurance depends on success. The youth will win emboldened by their confidence in the ultimate "victory of good over evil."

The Youth by Nigel Daring

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