Arise Ye Wise

by Nigel Daring

Wisdom calls through the dark,
Arise ye wise
Bring forth Light
The children suffer for a vain thing
To whom Light is given, let it not be hidden
They cry asking, "But who will lead us?"
Arise ye wise
Bring wisdom to their eyes
Justice must prevail
And if men will not yell the name of the King,
The stones will rise to do it
But why such a thing,
When men have mouths to shout?

The children lost in the dark
They know not the King, and rightful living
They stumble and fumble, lives full of trouble
But who will be for them?
Arise I say ye wise
Arise ye sons of Zion
Arise ye daughters of Zion
Be strong in the midst of contention, 
joyous in the dark of Babylon
Bring forth the Light of Zion
Arise, arise, arise
Arise ye wise,
Dreaded, dreadful of the ranks of the Most High
Show the Truth for their over-standing,
The Mighty Trinity, The Head Creator for their living
So they be done with an indecent thing
Arise ye wise
Bring the Light, shine it upon a hill
The Light for guidance
to overcome the dark of ignorance
Arise ye wise 

Arise Ye Wise by Nigel Daring

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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