Addressing Education in the African Diaspora

by Nigel Daring

Greater than the threat of war is the threat of ignorance. A society decimated by conflict likens itself eerily to one importuned by an ineffectual education system. Integration in the modern world demands knowledge. Lack thereof leaves a people beset by problems that plague the conscience and endanger societal stability: poverty, disease, crime, terrorism. In an interconnected world, the issues of one country radiate in undulating fashion to others like a tsunami from an epicenter. It is therefore imperative to tackle ignorance in our midst, far and wide, for our own peace and security.

The issue at hand affects the children of the African Diaspora greatly. In Third World countries where they make up the majority or in developed societies where they constitute a significant minority, black people receive education inadequate to their effective sustainability in modern terms. As such, they lag behind in critical indicators of economic and social progress. Children are the most visible casualties of black people's demise, their innocence bleeding away in a harsh world stagnated by lethargic and subpar responses to their issues. The current situation in East Africa is emblematic in its extreme of a wider deficiency affecting the children of Africa.

The solution begins with education. Those who have managed the blessing of advanced degrees must likewise try to bless others. They can help build viable institutions capable of alleviating ignorance. Indeed, education gains its greatest worth from its beneficial application to the human realm. The more educated amongst us betray the preciousness of their knowledge with selfish concerns for survival and material growth.

Those people of African ancestry who are financially secure but not necessarily well-educated are not excused from responsibility. They can donate to organizations with the express purpose of assisting the Diaspora. They can directly assist families they know are in dire need. The ways to help are many and varied. Inaction is inexcusable.

Ignorance cannot be ignored. The consequences are too grave. The African Diaspora knows these ramifications all too well. Their communities are being devastated by them. The effects of ignorance never, however, remain contained within any political region, but spread in rippling waves to other peoples, especially so in the modern world of societies globally intertwined by trade, communication, and immigration. Inadequate education is therefore a worldwide issue requiring urgent global efforts. The idea that one society can advance at the expense of another must now be relegated to archaic dogma. Ignorance is a disease that must be eradicated. The world must first address the children of Africa who suffer the most. But people of African descent must help others in the Diaspora if they can, being even more dedicated to the uplift of their brothers than the rest of the world. The cry of the African is a call for all Africans.

Addressing Education in the African Diaspora by Nigel Daring

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