Hot Passion

by Nigel Daring

There's a hot passion inside me
It boils the juices of my soul,
Unsettles and nettles my lovely spirit
A burning desire to defy the odds,
To make the odd familiar,
To make family of humanity,
To humanize world community
To commune harmoniously amidst / against the drudgery

This hot passion sparked by the realm of God,
Eternal flame wearing me a fleeting dress,
A fire in my chest sparking my intellect
I'm driven, won't be defeated,
Not when I'm eternally heated

This fire burns down Babylon,
Searing skins and souls,
Scorching philosophy, cringing of the old
It leaves ashes of lies, grieves false identities
Burning in me, it's vaporized seas of fallacies,
The heathen sailing on parched land,
Wailing at the utter destruction
Of all they've depended on,
All they understand

I can't not do, not while the fire blazes
It blazons me while it razes inanity,
Inhumanity in a state of pity, the great city,
The whore Babylon falling, burning, burning,
I'm burning within, rising, no defeat within,
No death inside me while the fire of eternal life burns
I'm beyond me, beyond flesh; this passion brought me to life,
Makes me greater than the grave, greater than a slave,
Makes me misbehave, Babylon ways, too immoral, unnatural
I'm on a mission divine, the whore drunken on her wine,
Can't see it's time; I've come to get mine
With wisdom from Ra of the Sun, Rastafari tongue
She's done, my words like a dagger through her lung

I don't exist, but We do
We're the fire upon which creation is based,
The fire in a man, formed variously in time,
Ever on a mission, flamed by passion,
Bringing the flame of creation, igniting a movement,
Oftentimes a religion rising in opposition to wrong
Now, do you know who I am?
I exist as the many, many I am

Hot Passion by Nigel Daring

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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