Unity Of Africa

by Nigel Daring

Africa must unite under the banner of a nation. The wealth of Africa’s problems precipitates the need for it. A firm continental response is required to address intra- and inter-state conflicts, poverty, crime, health care, and violent radicalism. These problems that beset Africa will become more pronounced in years to come as its population explodes. The world will have to constantly address humanitarian crises on the continent if its nations do not forcefully unite. The world community should not have to sacrifice blood and treasure for problems Africa can capably manage with political will and political unity. The need to unite Africa then serves the interest of the whole world and must not be construed as fancy fare of romantic Afrocentric idealists.

In Africa’s sole interests, however, will be the need to finally protect its resources in a global economy and secure fair payment in fair trade. Africa’s unification can stave off the traditional exploitation of the continent without proper compensation to its native population.

In the interests of those in the diaspora and the Afrocentric-minded, African unity will inspire pride robbed by slavery, colonialism, neocolonialism, and globalization. This is the pride necessary for African descendants outside of Africa to achieve meaningful progress wherever they call home. Africa’s current situation depresses their minds and even promotes a general avoidance of their roots. It may even point to some fabled natural weakness within themselves that explains their disadvantaged position in the realms of their existence and may even encourage acceptance of it. Africa needs to be strong for her peoples on the mainland and in the diaspora.

We have seen also that an Africa divided into many nations remains prone to brutal dictatorships, cronyism and corruption. One centralized authority, however, that accounts for the diversity of the continent becomes harder to penetrate by any single selfish interest. Furthermore, an independent national investigative body for the entire continent can monitor the activities of politicians for compliance with ethical and legal codes, or breach of conduct. When politicians realize they can be imprisoned for abuse of the public trust, they are likely to remain in the confines of duties to which they were entrusted.

On a global scale again, the world community would be infinitely better with a few players at the bargaining table who can reach consensus on global issues than a menagerie of eclectic interests that tend to undermine any modality of universality. The world can respond more organically to global issues such as environmental pollution and the spread of nuclear weapons. A united Africa also sends a message that the continent is ready to move as a nation demanding equal status with equal responsibilities and expectations in a multipolar world. With that sense of respect, an atmosphere of trust will develop amongst the family of nations. Trust is critical to solving problems requiring a number of players. If the world is to successfully tackle global issues, cooperation must be had, and trust is fundamental to the holism required.

Africa’s unity is critical to the world moving forward and other nations in the West encouraging it will signal that they’ve finally overcome racism and colonialism for a true sense of brotherhood. This feeling of goodwill will be necessary to finally overcome poverty, ignorance, and disease throughout the world. It is also what is necessary to engage meaningful activity to overcome threats to the environment. Africa’s strength is necessary to world progress.

Unity Of Africa by Nigel Daring

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