Human Race

by Nigel Daring

Let not history cast a pall over us. Our past has been shrouded in agony, leaving us the daunting task of rising from the ashes of inhumanity. On the hope of those who selflessly sacrificed must we ride into the future. We are left with nothing more than the courage we must summon to have our collective will assure the wholesome endurance of mankind. When we can rise beyond petty prejudices and grievances, when we can with a loving heart reach out to our fellow man, when we can view anyone's problem as our problem, we have reached the heights of goodness intended for us by the Creator.

God in His infinite wisdom has reposed in us His image. Having understood our nature to be replete with the bountiful beauty of divinity, we must search ourselves for it as we confront the scourges of humanity, for it alone will guide us in holistic unison to our betterment. None of us can with confidence claim magisterial intelligence or absolute doctrine unless we are guided by He in whom it is reposed, He who determines our conscience, and He who is willing to guide us upon our earnest supplications. Only through the power of His abiding love will we be redeemed. Our confidence must not therefore only rest in our constitution but in the constitution of He to whom all existence is beholden. God must be our supreme guide as we plough forward.

And in the Spirit of the Lord, we find faith that there will come a day when all bloodshed will cease amongst men, there will come a day when love will reign supreme upon the earth, there will come a day when all children can behold a bright future, there will come a day when man will arise a new creature. And when on that very day mankind springs forth in unity, the Light of the Lord will shine upon earth, a beacon for all to see, radiant in God’s divine grace, and from that day forth, we’ll all be known by only one race, the human race.

Human Race by Nigel Daring

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