Sad Goodbye

by Nigel Daring

The guilt seems so tangible I can hold it like a bar of iron
Weíre irreconcilable and Iíve got to face what Iíve done wrong
Clearly, clearly I was misguided by some propensity irreverent of our bond
Iíve sought to explain it to myself but Iíd have to face some reality Iíve avoided,
The one thatís voided our relationship,
And left me with a chip and a guilt trip

I hurt you I know
If I could rewind time and take it back,
Iíd do so
I know I lost the sparkle to your eyes
I glow like rusted iron
Iím so sorry for corrupting your perception
The chance I want to rectify this is what you wonít give
So Iíve got to live with the guilt of what I did

I canít repay you for all youíve done
I repaid you with hurt for your love
I want to repair this desperately,
But the hurt is too bad
And itís just so sad
To say goodbye

Sad Goodbye by Nigel Daring

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