What A Song

by Nigel Daring

Mm MmMm, that song takes me back
It'll go on forever, take another generation forward
And another one back
What a song

Everybody knows it 
You don't know it, you're a hermit
Gosh darn it, you aint even living,
Aint never lived

The melody, the lyrics, the rhythm hits somewhere deep within
Love the feeling so much, it's almost a sin

What a song
It joins young and old, umbilical cord uncut to the gut of the aged   
It has no age, you pay homage  
It was originated sometime,
Will go on ‘till the end of time,
Plays in parties all the time

Dry bones feeling it in graves
Tombstones wanna shake agape
Reincarnation just for one song,
Just a break from death for respite in life
This song the hype
The song that makes warring lovers love again,
The one that takes away pain
For a trip down memory lane
Babies been conceived while it hits in the background
Slam dunking hairy baskets, pounding to the sound
The tune molded in the mud of semen, egg, and womb
No wonder it resounds all the way to the tomb

Construction workers build sweetly while lifting heavy mortar
Motorists linger for miles on "Repeat", traversing streets, 
lost in music, steering an instinctual habit, gearing, braking
If party people don't hear it, they say the party flopped
If you don't get a regular hit of it, you're sick
Good God, we're addicts
Loving it, this endless music
What a song

What A Song by Nigel Daring

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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