Alone and Lonely

by Nigel Daring

There's a difference between alone and lonely. Alone means without human companionship, but spiritually nourished nonetheless. Lonely means depth of emotional emptiness, a state of spiritual distress with a compulsion for companions amongst humans, feeling somehow their presence, conversation, and support can remove inner anguish. The crowd doesn't remove personal loneliness. It compounds it and depending on the type, it may even leverage it to a destructive endgame, personally and / or societally. It is best for one to learn to appreciate being by himself and to find strength in that state. There's much self-discovery to be had and much discovery of the realm of spirit, silence, and true fulfillment. When one is by himself, he'll find there's companionship in the silence, for the silence is not silent and the emptiness is not empty. Then he can realize that in truth, he's never by himself.

God and the host of Heaven are in the silence — they are the silence. They want to help; they want to support; they want to provide companionship; they want to fulfill spirit. They can if one allows them. Most times when people avoid the silence, it is Heaven and the host they are avoiding, ultimately they're avoiding themselves. They know deep down there's a truth that would surface that would convict them of the life (the lie) they are living. So rather than face the silence, they avoid it with the crowd, and bringing that state of spiritual weakness amongst men, they remain prime targets for use and abuse. God never abandoned us. We abandoned Him. We need to return like sheep returning to the pasture. The Good Shepherd will comfort us and satisfy our needs. He knows them and knows them well. And he knows exactly how to satisfy them, no need to seek of the world of men.

There's an abundance of love, eternal life, and Truth awaiting us. Loneliness is a self-inflicted state brought on to live a lie, the consequence of which is the sacrificing of these. The lonely man is a fool. He foregoes abundance for emptiness, not recognizing the true roots of his spiritual distress. Be true to you.

Alone and Lonely by Nigel Daring

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