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Doc Williams is Darshan Eric Williams of Landover, Maryland. Doc is a 28 year-old Information Technology Specialist at the Federal Communications Commission. In his spare time, he enjoys fixing computers, listening to music, and writing poetry. He says "I feel that writing is one of many ways to escape the troubles of this crazy mixed up world. It seems that the only time you see or hear anything on a black man, it is something negative. The writings that I share with you should show that there are many unseen brothers out here, who are on something positive. I feel that I have a lot to share with others, and I hope my experiences will help others in there every day struggles. My purpose on earth is to serve the Lord, and spread Love were ever I go!"

Mr. Williams is also a member of the TimBookTu collaborative group called Nubian Reign and writes under the name, Dmelliflous1Da. Check out his work as part of this group effort.

You can contact Mr. Williams via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Doc Williams


A Dead Man's Tale
America the Beautiful with B.T. Bonner
And Still I Shine
Destruction of World Classes
For My Brotha's
Letters of Hate (KKK) as Dmelliflous1Da
Heart Problem
I'm Going Home
JustUS 4 Them with B.T. Bonner
Kowards Like Kasper with B.T. Bonner
Once Again
On the Inside Looking Out
Prisoner of My Mind
RIP's as Dmelliflous1Da
The Darkness of Reality
The Ultimate High
To the Grand Wizard
TV In My Mind
Verbal Lust
What's He Thinking
What I See
Why You Causin' Me To Act This Way?
World Trade Center Landings
You Got

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