To the Grand Wizard

by Doc Williams

How y'all gone come to my town and hold a march
For that ignorant shit 
Y'all must be tryin to start
A race war or something but we ain't the one's
If y'all want a battle come on!  
We got the gunz
Come to D.C. and march for your cause
A couple of random gun shots make you pause
Y'all won't go to South East doing that cracker shit
Cause if you do 
all of y'all gone get hit
With shots to the dome from tech's made of chrome
Get back on your bus 
and take your ass home
March down the street in all white sheets
Red and White make pink 
now you layin in the streets
Suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest
One for my people  
now for ever may you rest
Didn't your mother tell you to make your bed
Now take that fuckin' pillowcase off your head
Cowardly bastards can't show your face
But yet you say you are the supreme race
Doubt it mutha fucka 
you'll get recycled like a can
But deep down inside you know the original MAN
If it went down today 
the final race war
Who do you think would have the highest score
You don't have to think 
I'll tell you the truth
Y'alls game is weak like the one Babe Ruth
Y'all think marching down town gone be safe
Wait till the brotha's  put those guns in y'all face
You can't hide behind sheets or even white towels
Y'all mutha fuckas gone get smoked
 like some fuckin white owls
Y'all marchin for white power but how can this be
When y'all own more than half of all the stores on the streets
If ignorance is bliss 
then y'all are the happiest people alive
But is this march an attempt for y'all to survive
Y'all should march for peace not hatred of a race
Now what you gone do
I got this tech to your face!

To the Grand Wizard by Doc Williams

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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