JustUS 4 Them

by Doc Williams & B.T. Bonner

A badge a shield the right to kill?
You killed our brotha and sista
And yet you still
Get placed on admin leave with pay
While the families of the one's you killed
Can just pray
To keep the rest of the family safe
While you and the rest of the pigs stuff your face
With sweets like donuts and coffee
Brewing crimes from evil minds
Shots heard around the world every time
Police for the Police now that's a thought
You killed an innocent person and didn't' even have to 
go to court
Police brutality or better yet fatality
Like Mortal Kombat
But wait til' we attack
A routine traffic stop
The last thing heard was the 9 pop
Pop was the tone a gun a phone?
And now another brotha and sista is gone!
Y'all didn't learn from the King beating
That you can't keep on treating
The people that you serve and protect
Innocent people getting killed
Shot in the neck
How can you mistake a cell phone for a gun?
That's like mistaking a donut for a bun
It's all the same you still don't care
You took another life
And they say the system is fair?
People can only take but so much they say
So next time I'm stopped I'll have an AK
47 ways to get in yo shit
and I'll make sure that every one of them hits
Trigga happy or should I say nigga happy
Is how you get
I'm so sick and tired of this shit
Something has to happen we need a change
Don't look now cop
I got you point blank range!

Worry not Brother DOC our time is here
time for the real pigs to live in fear
our tolerance has peaked
boiled over and burned
so Fuck it, Roasted Pig for Everyone!!!
we tried to be nice and work with your Plan
but your steadily shootin' up our brethren
no excuses or pig theory can combat this tyrrany
So now I must march with my Panther, fear me.
No Serve or Protect
or Neighborhood Watch
Just a bullet at a light from a trigger happy cop
the Dept of Justice investigation
a political  front
to justify this  legalized witchhunt
no more peace by peace, holding hands and compassion
Fuck that privative action.
Since that is the only justice that you can conceive
then walk with a circle on your back like me
The Lady of Justice stands with sword, and without sight
bitch should have brought glasses and a gun to the fight
while we were waving the flag and  universal creed
the cunt remained blinded and without sympathy
Why again should we sing "The Tis of Thee"
when my unarmed sister  LaTanya was the same color as me
Victimized thru Treachery
or the beginning of the Black Prophecy
Feel Me....
Twas the night before Revolution and all I could see
were Black Men  arming themselves in the streets
their backs were all strapped with the Holy Quran
and Tech 9 automatics for everyone
So call out the Guard to protect your own
we proved last year that we were 1 million strong
You want a WAR BASTARDS, the Revolution is here
SO now only Judgement Day you'll fear.

JustUS 4 Them by Doc Williams & B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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