Letters of Hate (KKK)

by Dmelliflous1Da

Look out my window
Must be a chance of Reign
Nubian that is 
Like Meth I bring the pain
Strain on your brain
With thoughts so heavy
Rhymes hit you so hard 
like a 57 Chevy

I would like to address the matter at hand
Some hate letters sent from the Klu Klux Klan
Is it that you feel threatened by our race
That you must send hate letters straight to the place
Of higher education at Maryland U to the Black Student Union
Talkin that trash none of it is true 
Cause if you were going to do something you wouldnít let us know
You would just do it like Nike not put on a show

Why do you feel so much hatred towards our race
Coward Like Casper canít even show your face
A couple of hate letters wonít slow us down
And if you thought so 
You should get out of town

Could it be that the real reason for you hate
Is blacks are on a rise and can seal your fate
But wait the only hate letters that I see
Are the KKK right before me
It must be awful to live in fear
Of an entire race for so many years

I canít blame you though for being so afraid
Of the black race that you trapped and enslaved
Like animals in a cage 
Now feel our rage
Y2G The dawn of a new age

Just because we are coming up on the year 2000
Doesnít mean that we are scared to leave our housing
In fears of what ignorant things you can do
You wanna show your ass
Then we will show ours too

Blacks are not violent you just made us that way
With the shit that yíall do and the ignorant shit you say
By the way there is one more thing I forgot to mention
Causing a race war is not our intentions

They often say that the majority rules 
But in the Y2G itís the minority rules
Cause if it goes down and you start a war
It will be Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews
right at your door
all the different races you have alienated
the KKK are the only letters of hatred

Letters of Hate (KKK) by Dmelliflous1Da

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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