The Ultimate High

by Doc Williams

The Ultimate High
Why try to achieve it
when all you have to do is believe that
you can do anything

No Ice on my hand
walking through the sand
broke as fuck
not a pot to piss in
down on my luck

Still alive
Got my 9 to 5
To keep a roof over my head
So I don't end up dead

Gone with no trace
no smile on my face
Just me
And the man up above
Still showin me love

Life is the ultimate high
No need for me to try
To role it in a blunt
To be alive is all I want

Not trippin off  getting cash
Not even off that phat ass
Over there
Even though I stare
I still don't care
I'm High

Life is so good to me
Feels so damn good to be free
Could be worse
hangin from a tree
or two to the head

Like Outkast said
"There's only so much time"
So I'm out here getting busy
Fingers to the grind
Workin for mine

Not steppin on no toes
Ain't messin with silly hoes
Keeping an eye on my enemies
Trying to make peace with my foes

I'm a hustla for real
Gotta stay alive
to pay my bills
Doing things the right way
So to GOD I pray

Getting killed would bring me down
Turn some lives around
Make some people glad
And turn some smiles to frowns

For me the ultimate high is life
Even thought the pain and strife
Seems sometimes very unbearable
Life is so good
There is no parable

No dimes dubs quarters or halves
No pipes syringes or little brown bags
Just me and my thoughts
And also my emotions
My life is so deep
Like the bottom of the ocean

I'm hooked on life
Like kids on phonics
Life is so good
I call it the CHRONIC

The Ultimate High by Doc Williams

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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