Why You Causin' Me To Act This Way?

by Doc Williams

Why you causin me to act this way??
The things you do the things you say
With my feelings you say you are concerned
But something wrong I have learned

Friendship is like an invisible glass
Over step the boundaries and cut that ass
Smooth the fuck off
Just like a light
Words that cut like razors
All through the night

Never under estimate folks
People act fickle just like egg yolks
I joke to only hide the pain
That youíve caused
A strain to my brain

Chance of Reign 100%
Thoughts runniní through my head
They got me bent
But life goes on thatís part of the struggle
People can change
And do it on the double

Lucky for me Iíve been hurt a lot
Cause if this was the first time
Some one would get shot
but not to worry
no hard feelings
now I know how to handle our dealings
my feelings have been hurt before in the past
but unlike Keith Sweat  this shit wonít last

We had something cool and all was good
But letís get one thing understood
It will never be the same
Itís such a damn shame
I had feelings for you
And thatís no game
Noticed I said had 
I feel so sad
But deep down inside 
I feel real glad
I kept my true feelings to my self
So now Iíll just put them up on the shelf
??Why you causiní me to act this way??
I had feelings for you 
But now theyíve gone away

Why You Causin' Me To Act This Way? by Doc Williams

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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