What I See

by Doc Williams

Section 8 housing Welfare cheese Brotha's on the corner Smokin to keep their minds at ease Broken up families with no father figures It's a fight to stay alive who you callin a nigga Surrounded by negativity But still I'm gonna Do what I gotta do but not on the corner The world is filled with so many troubles Duck and dodge them all Gotta maintain my hustle Keep my head up tall I stand Make no mistakes I'm a strong black man Like Tupac said “Keep Ya Head Up” Because if you don't you might find your self stuck in a position with no way out all because you wanted to be the man with money women and clout I shout to all my brotha's out in the street Handle your business but keep it discrete There are a lot of people who don't want to see you make it There are even more people who won't hesitate to take it Keep your guard up and be on point at all times And do your best not to get caught up in a crime “You Should Spread Love Not War” like Mobb Deep said Because when war is spread all that's left is blood shed And bodies of the people who are dead Gone from this world from 2 to the head How can I be positive in this negative world That's like mistaking a little boy for a girl How can I make it is the question you say All you have to do is stop and just pray To the heavenly father the protector of all To keep me on my feet and catch me if I fall

What I See by Doc Williams

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